Destiny Christanna Mae Powell

Welcome to Destiny's new memorial site!

We are back up and running after a long period of down time due to Babiesonline deleting Destiny’s page after a few months without posting activity (they have to save space, so pages that are not updated frequently enough get removed). Needless to say Mom was not happy about this. Anyways, it worked out for the best. My sister, who I miss very much, now has this wonderful WordPress web/blog site with multiple pages that can have unlimited content and this wonderful domain name that is so much easier to remember.

I would like to give a little background for this site. Destiny’s main page was down for a while.

Luckily I managed to make a backup of the HTML code prior to her page being removed, so I decided several years ago to begin working on a blog memorial site for Destiny.

This year Tracy and I wanted to do something special for Mom for a Mother’s Day gift. We decided to purchase a domain name and get the blog memorial site off the ground. I feel that this site can not only be a place for the family to share our thoughts and feelings about Destiny, but also a place for anyone who lost a little loved one to share their comments as well. I feel that there could be no more fitting a memorial to my sister Destiny than a place for families who have faced simular situations to share it with others.

Anyway, take a look around and check it out! The sections that used to be on one long page are now divided into different pages for easier navigation (thanks to Destiny’s sister-in-law, my wife, Tracy for copying and pasting from Mom’s Babiesonline page backup). The family will be updating content soon so bookmark us, subscribe to our RSS feed, and check back frequently. Hopefully the blog will be up soon (once I show Mom how to use WordPress and all that it can do) and we should have some new pictures coming as well. Be sure to register and sign Destiny’s guestbook before you leave and feel free to leave comments. From Sandra (Mommy), James (Daddy), Matthew (Big Brother), Liberty (Little Sister), David (Big Brother), Tracy (Big Sis), Grandmas, Grandpas, Aunts, Uncles, and the rest of the family, may you find peace, comfort, and joy here at Destiny’s memorial site and know that our prayers are with you. God bless!

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